Auto Accident Injuries

What do I do if I am involved in a car accident ??

At Complete Wellness Chiropractic we work closely with our clients and their Attorney when an auto accident has caused personal injury. 

1. ) Get insurance and drivers information from any and all parties to the accident. If possible, take photos of the auto damage and the accident scene. 

2.) Contact YOUR insurer to open up a claim. Let them know you may have medical needs related to the accident, so you can seek proper medical treatment.

 Even if you "feel fine" immediately after an accident, do not assume that you will not need to seek medical care. Injuries are not always immediately obvious after an accident.  Pain symptoms may appear days, weeks, or months after an accident.  Immediate medical care after an accident can often prevent long term complications due to injuries that go untreated.

A word of caution:  The other party's insurance company may contact you seeking to settle your claim immediately.  Statements you make to insurers and documents you sign carry legal ramifications you could regret. Do not agree to any settlement until you have had time to assess with a legal professional all the benefits available to you based on your insurance policy and the state in which your insurance originated. It can seem complicated, but we are here to help !  

Dr. Andrew Becker works closely with a local team of experienced Personal Injury Attorneys to help you get the best medical treatment, and assist clients in getting all the benefits provided by their insurance. 

3.) Begin treatment with a qualified medical professional. Whether you chose to treat with Complete Wellness Chiropractic or another provider, we want you to be covered !! 

Often times, injuries from an auto accident do not present themselves right away, that is why the insurance industry allows a year to open medical claims in the state of Colorado. So do not delay being fully assessed and diagnosed by a health professional and seek legal advice before making ANY settlements with ANY insurers. It's your right.

You, as the patient, may not know the full cost of your claim and that's not your responsibility. You pay for all the benefits you receive through insurance so be sure you're getting all you deserve. 

Whether the accident is your fault, or the fault of another party, you may be entitled to health care benefits through your auto insurance. 

Together we will help you navigate and streamline your auto accident claim so you can concentrate on your treatment plan. 

Call us today if you have recently been in an auto accident to find out how we can help you !!

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