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Chiropractic Help

A simple adjustment by a chiropractor can relieve a number of symptoms throughout the human body. Chiropractic is not just for immediate adjustments, rather it can help with pain in many areas like knees, legs, ankles, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Headaches have the potential to be minimized as well with chiropractic help. Below we go into more detail for what may be bothering you.


Most commonly, pain in your ankle is due to a strain, but it could also be caused by nerve damage. The sciatic nerve, which runs from your spine down to your feet could be obstructed. An alignment helps to realign your spine and fix the nerve damage that may be affecting your lower extremities.

If you have injured your ankle, get a free consultation and help it heal properly!


These injuries can be caused by damage to the nerves, or a strain in the ligament, muscle, or tendon. With the help of chiropractic, you can get better range of mobility and reduce the pain in your elbow by fixing the structural components of your elbow. Chiropractic services also can help with 'tennis' or 'golfers' elbow and bursitis.

From golf elbow to general injuries, Dr. Becker can help relieve the pain!


There are a wide variety of reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your feet. Chiropractic can help with general pain and even plantar fascia and your Achilles tendonitis. The foot contains 26 bones specifically and chiropractic can help readjust the bones to relieve tension in your foot.

Chiropractic has a deep understanding of feet and foot pain - let us help!


Pain in the hand can be directly related to your neck and back. The nervous system in this area could become compressed in your vertebrae. You will have pain in different areas of your hand depending on which vertebrae is pinching the nerve. An alignment can relieve the strain on the nervous system which will aid the pain in your hands.

Hand pain can be part of a bigger problem. Let us help, get a free consultation!


Constant migraines and tension headaches are caused by a partial dislocation called subluxation. It is mostly caused by muscle tension in the neck or spine. Chiropractic can improve your spinal function to help with straining in your muscles.

You don't have to live with headaches, get a free consultation!


Whether you are suffering from traumatic or chronic knee injuries, there could be a solution through adjustment, exercise, or the use of stabilizing orthotics. The adjustment will properly align your knee joint while exercise will help build the muscles in your knees. The use of stabilizing braces will absorb impact and provide support for your knees.

Knee pain can affect your day-to-day - get a free consultation and learn more!


Pain in legs can potentially be a temporary problem with the help from a doctor. Most patients don’t think about subluxation as a common cause. A slight dislocation in the spine could cause pain in the legs. If you have swelling and experience pain while putting pressure on your legs, or pain that continues to nag, you should consult a doctor.

Still dealing with leg pain? Get a free consultation with Complete Wellness today!


Whether it is a joint, ligament, or nerve damage in the shoulder, chiropractic can help. Typically, it is an irritation that can be cured by an adjustment. Shoulders have the most mobility of any joint and are susceptible to pain. A visit can help with motion and reduce pain.

Chiropractic starts from the top down - get a free consultation!


This is a slight dislocation of a joint with nervous system interference. Even a slight dislocation could cause major problems, in a domino effect, throughout the body. The pain could be felt from head to toe, mostly effecting five different nervous system functions. These areas are the cranial, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. Chiropractic focuses on your nervous system to synchronize and gain control of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.

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Nerve damage is most commonly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is caused by nerve damage which can be aided by chiropractic services. Chiropractic services can help realign your spine and alleviate nerve damage in your body.

From computer use to sports, you don't need wrist pain. Get a free consultation!

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